Minecraft pc version

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Minecraft, meet minecraft pc version: The promise of a master version of studio Mojang’s sandbox builder, identical across all platforms, not just functionally but at the codebase level, is finally happening. Pop some corks and fill those glasses. But when this new version arrives, it also stands to usher in something much grander and subversive.

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It will shatter technical but also political cross-play barriers as adamantine as the nebulous bedrock layer at the bottom of every cube-riddled Minecraft world. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of Minecraft will converge with the Windows 10, Virtual Reality and mobile versions. This is a move without precedent. It is the first instance of unadulterated cross-platform, cross-console multiplayer that anyone’s yet seen.

What about your saved data and purchases and world progression if you’re rocking those things on a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One? They’ll be grandfathered in, says Microsoft, transmogrified, somehow, from the old version to the new one when you update. The idea is to make the move as seamless as possible. Emily Orrson, during a Skype presentation. Minecraft Java Edition’ so that it’s distinguished as running on the Java codebase. Another literally earth-shattering change: the console editions will now have unlimited worlds. As the console editions join bedrock, there are just a number of things they naturally inherit.